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Welcome to! Our purpose is to help you understand stem cell research for various treatments. We can help you in your search for qualified specialists in stem cell for heart treatments and clinics that specialize in stem cell treatments. replacing skin cells, blood cells and tissues, in heart stem cell stem therapy to heal the body.

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The search for a qualified cardiac stem cell clinic or physician can be a difficult process. But finding the right one can be critical to improving your quality of life.  With so much information available, it is hard to know who is offering real results.  

This site was designed specifically to help you find the information you need regarding cardiac cell therapy and to find safe, qualified stem-cell medical facilities and physicians.  We understand, in 2010, our founder helped a friend who went through the same process.  Faced with needing a possible organ transplant and not getting satisfactory answers from the physicians she consulted, she began to research on her own to find some way to heal her body.  After talking to doctors and researching clinics, she found one that she felt confident was safe and could help her.  Two years after her stem cell therapy, not only did she not need a transplant, her body is almost back to where it was before her illness.  But even more important, she feels healthy and full of energy again.  That process led to the development of this site - specific for those with heart conditions.  

That process demonstrated very clearly the life-changing benefits of stem cells and the benefits that are available through trial-tested approved treatments being offered today.  This site was established to educated patients about the benefits of cell treatment, and to help them find a qualified, safe medical facility to connect with for treatment.  Through our research, we have a vast network of people you can talk to - both qualified physicians and patients who have undergone treatment.  

We encourage you to ask questions, talk to doctors, talk to patients and read articles.  Just don't give up.  The development of cellular therapy is no longer a dream that might happen someday - it is here today and available for your use.  

We are happy to help you in any way we can.  We can suggest places for you to look for more information.  We can connect you with qualified doctors to speak with.  You can even ask questions of patients that have undergone cell treatment to understand better their experiences.  We are not doctors and will never offer you medical advice or suggest that cell therapy might cure you, but we will do all we can to help you find the information you need to make the best decision for your situation.   

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